Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education - a very simple perspective

Sunday, September 18, 2011

image by dierk schaefer
When we look around and see what is next in education, an obvious but largely under-valued possibility is the application of Artificial Intelligence in education.

Why it is obvious? Mainly due to significant surge in the acceptance of smarter technology in education and its natural evolution into smarter and smarter systems that can think, act, and teach like humans do.

Why under-valued? Artificial Intelligence has much more to offer than current expectation of smarter systems that can compliment the efforts of a teacher.

An AI based system of education can help teachers focus on each individual's learning needs and zoom-in to deliver the education that is right and finally provide the solution for one of the biggest educational dilemmas we face today; the industrial style batch education.

Every child, and adult for that matter is different and have unique educational needs and requires those needs to be addressed individually in order to utilize his or her learning potential to the maximum. However, this is impossible for any educational institution to deliver without incurring monumental cost. This is where AI technology must come to rescue and assist the educators.




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