The case for Globalization of Educational Services

Sunday, July 24, 2011

What is Educational Services Industry and why do we need more people paying serious attention to it?

As we all know that Education is one of the most important aspect of civilized world but in last couple of decades, education has stretched to its limits both in terms of its capacity to transform our lives and ability to answer the questions that cause confusion among the minds of young and old alike. Educational systems are also stretched between those who want to keep it localized and "regionalized" to protect their social and religious values and doctrines and those who want to internationalize every word anyone learns and standardize it to the point where it truly start showing a global face to what we know and what we should learn.

The perfect balance is somewhere in the middle. With increasing globalization, our educational system and pedagogical processes must reflect global standards while preserving the local and regional essence both in educational system and content. This means that a significant number of individuals and companies across the world must start investing time and resources in educational services industry and not leave it to few rich countries.

The amount and type of education provided to individuals directly influences their career and intellectual capacity. In addition, rapidly changing environment demands that more and more avenues of learning are available closer to home and are affordable if we want to see our educational system adequately responding to the changing world.

Centralization of education systems influenced by few rich countries has also caused lack of diversity and increase in bias within educational systems and processes. This has made such systems less suitable for global deployment and with increased awareness and awakening across many regions of the world, these systems have rapidly become obsolete and although there are efforts in place to transform, in my opinion, it needs a big push and an informed effort by academic leadership to complete the transformation.

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Amin Hashmi July 25, 2011 at 11:09 AM  

MAC, excellent thoughts on the education system needing to evolve and keeping pace with global changes and trends while being relevant to the national and regional sensitivities.

I do think that governments have a significant role to play possibly through public-private partnerships. By overhauling the traditional curriculum with more relevant real-world content will assist a great deal in grooming future generations.


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