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Monday, July 25, 2011

In last few years, Information technology in general and Social Media and Internet in particular has changed the way we communicate, socialize, do business, and connect with loved ones. This complete transformation along with wide-spread adoption of high-tech and light-weight tablets and smart-phones has made us consume information on much faster rate then we could ever imagine. This is all no secret and we all know it and see it unfolding right in front of our eyes. Comparatively a more obscure affair is the impact of this transformation on the very system of knowledge acquisition. With unprecedented and mind-boggling amount of information available throughout the internet, it is extremely hard to separate the valuable information from noise and there is a strong need of disciplined channels of education just like we had in the good old days of printing press.

This, however is a very complex and challenging issue. There are numerous questions that are being asked like:

  1. Is traditional education system still relevant in the digital age? Why do people still have to commute to "education booths" while they have every possibility to get educated n their homes, offices, and on the move?

  2. Why completely different individuals have to go through the same curriculum despite clearly having different educational needs? Why the learning path cannot be customized for each individual despite advancements in psychometric analysis of educational needs?

  3. What will happen to an individual who never goes to school but instead acquires all his education from a more relaxed social group of peers and guardians with individual focus and no strict rules that are put in place to keep hundreds of students disciplined at the first place?

In this blog, you will see all of these questions and much more discussed. Stay Tuned.



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